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Easy ways to make money during this pandemic period

Since the start of this pandemic period the lives of different people all over the world have been affected whether greatly or just a little. A good number of people have lost their jobs, some staff have been furloughed, some people have also seen a reduction in their salaries as their employers are also trying to see their businesses through this pandemic period. With all these going on no one can still predict when the virus will be fully contained and thus the situation can only be made worse. Different people in the world are trying to cope with these tough times in the best way possible while also minding the measures that different countries have put in place to curb the virus. Most of the measures are not ‘pocket-friendly’ as most people will agree and this have greatly affected the lifestyle of many people. School closures has seen pupils stay at home with their parents causing parents to spend more than when their students were in school. Lockdown, quarantine, curfew, stay at home directives all have made the situation even worse with many people now just trying to survive on the little that they have. But do not worry because opportunities are always there in life just waiting for you to see them. Amid these tough times one can still make money. Below are some of the easy ways that one can make money at the comfort of your home;

1. Start a blog or a website

With measures such as lockdown, quarantine etc ;people now have more time in their hands and with less to do with it. Well if you are that type of your person who have some information that you would like to share with the world you can as well start a blog or a website and start telling the world about what you are good at e. g health, parenting, finance, food, sports and so many other things and earn. You can also earn through affiliate marketing and also advertising through your blog or website.

2. Tutoring

Schools and colleges have been closed and parents are desperate to see their children learn even during this pandemic period and not spend the whole day playing or watching movies on TV. If you have good communication skills and have knowledge in particular subjects say Mathematics or even English; well it is about time you started using your knowledge to get money. You can either do the tutoring online or better still strike an agreement with the parent and go over their home to offer your services keeping in mind the measures given like social distancing. There are also several websites that need your tutoring services like; Chegg, Yup, Brainfuse, VipKid and so many others.

3. Review your budget

While this is not necessarily earning you can trust me you will be having extra cash in your pocket if you review your budgets. Sit down and look at your budget. You can cut costs on the things you no longer do due to the measures put in place. Recurring expenditure can also be rooted out in carrying out this simple exercise. By the end of the day you will have some extra cash. Isn’t that ‘earning’?

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4. Become a virtual assistant

With the covid-19, most business meetings and communication have gone virtual through Zoom, Skype etc.Well if you are a good communicator and have good digital skills topped up with great typing speed then money making opportunity may have just have presented itself. Though some of the qualities you may be needed to have may also depend on the person you are helping; this is a good way to make money during this period.

5. Get paid answering survey questions

This can arguably be the easiest way to make money during this pandemic period. It requires low effort but more time if you are to make good money out of it since the pay depends on which firm or brand or research groups you are answering the questions for. But all you are needed to do is just say what you think. Survey Junkey and Swagbucks are some of the survey apps your question answering services can be needed in exchange for money.

6. Write online

If you are a writer who can produce high quality and relevant content; well, this may just be your time to shine. There are a few websites where you can make money by creating these high quality and relevant content. The pay may vary according to which website you are writing for. Some of the websites which can pay for your writing services include; Longreads, iWorkWell, Back2College, Loaded landscapes etc. They also pay according to accepted article.

Even though the pandemic has brought about challanges there are still opportunities to make money and listed above are just but a few that you can explore to ensure you still can earn something.

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