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How do I protect my business during this pandemic period?

Truth is nobody knows when this corona virus pandemic will be fully contained as numbers keep rising each day even though there are a lot of measures taken already. With that in mind, many business people must be wondering what they should do now so as to protect their already affected businesses from further losses. First of all the panic is NOT NECESSARY even though what the future holds is uncertain and unpredictable. Keep in mind everybody is in this situation and only those who will come out with the best strategies will curb the effects this period will have on them. To protect your business and employees during this period you can consider taking the precautionary measures given below;


This is the most important measure to take to ensure your business is protected during this pandemic period. It is not too late to plan. Plan for the good, bad and worst. A plan will protect your business. A good plan will also outline the steps a company wants to take during and after the pandemic period and it will also outline the measures taken to protect the business and also employees during and after the disaster. Well if you have no plan it is about time you started putting down one.

Communicate with employees, managers, supervisors and even customers

People need to know how your normal business have been affected by the pandemic period. Therefore it is necessary to keep them posted on the current events taking place. This communicaton should be done transparently. Tell them how the business have been affected, tell them about the measures you are taking, talk to them about the steps you are taking to make sure your business stays afloat amid this pandemic period, tell them the covid-19 news and situation. If you keep these people on the loop they will not only have been he knowledge but it can also reduce the workplace panic. You can communicate with your people from employees to customers through the already existing means like ; E-mail, video chat, texting etc.

Maintain workplace hygiene

You cannot handle covid-19 single handedly and that is why you also need to talk to your employees and customers to maintain hygiene in the workplace. Tell them to wear masks at all time, sanitize, wash hands, minimize contact, maintain social distancing and also regularly clean and disinfectant the workplace to minimize the risk of getting the corona virus. Keeping away covid-19 is a collective task each and every person helping the business to run must take up.

Move online

Well this is the time as a business man you should consider moving your business operations online since most of the people are home due to the government measures like lockdown, quarantine, curfew etc. Most people are now at home and spending most of their time online since they have nothing better to do. As a business man you can consider online migration since there is increased traffic. This will also come as an advantage to your side since you will reduce the risk of your employees contracting the coronavirus due to interaction between themselves or with customers. If you have not moved your business online it is about time you started thinking about it.

Consider work from home policy

If possible you can consider the work from home policy to keep your business alive during this pandemic period. Through this policy your employees will be safe and your business will also be up and running. Try putting this into consideration to see your business through these tough times.

While this period will surely pass it is necessary not to wait for the time it will do so and thus the necessity to come up with different ways to have our businesses running even when the virus is still with us. Try putting the above measures in play and see how it goes with your business. All the best! Stay Safe!

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