Budgetting Make money Saving

See why pets and cash have a lot in common.

During the inauguration  of the new constitution back  in 2010,my uncle brought me a puppy. We had just  moved  into  our new  home. The puppy  had no name. So given the events in our country, I named the puppy Katiba. Katiba was cute, loving, polite, innocent and loyal;you can name all the good qualities I’m sure my dog had them all. It was always there for me. When I was sad ;it would cheer me up. I took care of it so much that my mum would sometimes remind me it was just a dog. It meant so much to me that one day I came home late one night: found out Katiba was not fed so I gave him my food to eat(of course mum was not happy at all).I watched Katiba grow to become a good , healthy, big and fierce dog with my care. But it also had challenges while growing;like it never had a kennel, yeah I never built it one and mum would never call someone to build one so on rainy days you can just imagine what it was. Secondly; being that Katiba had no kennel and we had just moved into our new house which we had not fenced, Katiba would wander to far places when nobody was at home to keep him company. This came with consequences as one day Katiba came home with a broken limb;somebody must have stoned or clubbed him. This of course hurt me so much :I was willing to do anything to find the person who had done such a thing to a loving dog. Anyway, it healed and later came back to it normal self. I would sometimes even use him while going to hunt some hares and antelopes once in a while. Katiba also paid the favour of my loving care by being a good watch dog during the night. One day we were not home the whole day; attending some family gathering meeting. We never took Katiba with us;so we left some food for it to eat while we were away. However when we returned home Katiba was not at home and the food had not been eaten. That was my saddest day;I’d rather lose my girl a thousand times than reflect on that day. Mum gave me hope that it would actually return. Days passed then weeks then months now it is seven years since I last saw Katiba. I now believe I lost him forever or maybe he was stolen ;maybe dead but bottom line is I WILL NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN.

I never want another pet since I lost Katiba but I have learnt from my mistakes and I am not repeating anything wrong I did with my dog with my money. Money is just like a pet. My money now is my Katiba then. I’m righting my wrongs with my money.

Katiba(my dog’s name) translates to constitution and constitution is Law. Just like Katiba ;money is law it dictates what one can do and what he/she cannot do. Just like most pets money will always be there for you if you have it. You show it love and it will show you love back. So you have to do anything so you can watch it grow. I didn’t take my dinner several times and gave it to my dog instead so it would become bigger. I still do that with my money;how?? I save. I forgo lunch or even supper so I can save that cash and in return my money grows in my account. The challanges my dog had like having no kennel have been set right I have an account for my money. So I’ll advice you to have open one if you don’t have one and start saving. Good thing is that accounts are there for everyone even children. In return your money will be safer. Your money will be safer than my Katiba.

But in your saving do not save so much that you miss the basic things, have fun once in a while, spoil yourself. Like I told you ;my Katiba would help me to hunt. With the care and love you show your money it will act like Katiba ;a good watch dog. Once your money grows big enough it will provide you with security so continue saving and if you have not started please do like you are doing with your pet. Well for now I’m doing anything in my power to ensure that my money keeps growing through saving and also making sure at the same time that I don’t lose it like I lost my dog.


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