What university students in kenya spend most of their money on.

If you are a university student in Kenya and you are not spending most of your money on the following five things ;then grow up and stop being a high schooler or I guess you should start making new friends or better still ask yourself if the university you are claiming to be in is really a university.

That said; the students who are in universities ;public or private, always spend most of their cash on the following things ;

1. Weed and Alcohol.

You are a university student and you have not smoked weed or even drunk alcohol ;man kudos!! Take another round on my account. Very few(close to zero) university students do not drink or smoke weed. Weed is illegal but almost every university student is attached to a certain peddler. For 50 shillings you get the cheapest weed as a university student but some go upto 150 shillings. Do your math and you will realise most university students who are into weed so much spend upto about 3,000 shillings each month in the name of weed.

They will tell you they don’t use keg or even muratina but deep down these are the favourites for many. Keg and muratina always go hand in hand with chrome vodka. Keg and muratina are sold at 150 shs for a jug and chrome vodka is 250 shs. If you want to be fine especially weekends then from my math ;university students will have to part with at least 400 shs. For those who see themselves as cool kids will always want to go for better alcohol brands which appears to be more expensive.

2. Party

These parties some may charge entry fees others may not. But you can not always party right if you are not wasted so you will probably spend some extra cash on alcohol to give you some extra boost so you can party good. Do your math and you will realise most university students spend at least 1000shs on parties each week. If you are a university student and you are spending less than 1000 shillings on party then my friend that is not a party you are always going to ;you better stop wasting your sleep.

3. Clad/Clothing

“Amua hasara ung’are”they say. A phrase which translates to:spend heavy but clad properly. We all want to look good and attractive. So some girl or some boy will have to notice or even boost our self esteem. So we will always want to go for some trending clothes we see our friends look good in. A good shoe will always go for at least 4,500 shillings and good Clothing almost 1,000 shillings ; you are a university student and you want to look good you will have to part with about 5,000 shillings each month.

4. Street food

I don’t know whether i should be calling them street foods. But these are the best foods you can ever find. You can’t pass a day without eating these foods if you are a university student especially mutura. At the entrance of famous universities you will find vendors selling these things;Technical University Of Kenya will serve as my example. One will always start with 20 shillings and by the time you are done you will find out you have spent 200 shillings without noticing. I’m a fan of these foods and I can proudly say I set aside 400 shillings each week for these foods.

I don’t know which one of the four above you spend your money on most but if any of the above does not make up your list then you are not in a university in Kenya. I’m not saying you stop doing what you like but do regualate your spending on the above if you are a kenyan student.