Rules to follow during your saving

Saving is a culture that is very important in case you want to watch your money grow. It is something that ‘must’ be done for financial success. That is why we have bank accounts in the first place. Hence here are the best tips in case you want to start this culture and watch your money grow:

RULE 1 :Save however little it may seem.

If everybody in my country was to give me fifty cents which is half of a shilling, I would have collected half a million shillings by the time I will be knocking on my a millionth person’s door. That illustration is to tell you that however little it may seem, it has value and it is a positive on the value you have therefore do not wait to save some huge chunk of money even little will do.

RULE 2 :Try hard not to use the money you have saved.

If I was to fill a tank with water then each time the tank was nearly full I would use the water for watering some already grown trees. Would the tank ever get full? And does the water help me that much? Your saving is like filling a tank with water and you using the water in watering some grown trees is you using the money for some stupid purpose. What I’m saying is you should not use the money you have already saved and just use it if you are in a fix and have no otherwise.

RULE 3 :Have a purpose for your saving.

Before you start saving ask yourself what is it for. That way you will have something you are aiming at. You will also restrict yourself from using the money you have saved carelessly knowing if you don’t save then you will not get what you want. With a goal in mind trust me you will save your money.

RULE 4 :Set a target you want to hit.

If you don’t have a purpose for your saving then the best way to cope is to set a target. That way you will have something to set your mind on.

RULE 5 :Learn to sacrifice.

sacrifices are something we do so that we may get something better. Sacrificing a little cash or foregoing somethings here and there will bring about more cash which you can save. If you forego something that cash will boost your saving account massively.

Rule 6 :Do not ‘destroy’ yourself in the name of saving

If I would be walking around in tatters in the name of clothes because I’m saving then I would be mean in fact that is insanity. You come first then saving. Do not save too much that you don’t even manage taking care of yourself. Remember saving is only for something extra. Make sure you are okay before you take that cash to the bank to save it. If you don’t have cash that you can save then well and good some cash will come and believe it you will save ;just don’t stress yourself in the name of saving.

Rule 7 : If you don’t trust yourself with saving cash then get someone to do it for you.

What if I want to save but each time I try to I find myself using the money I already saved? First know there are many people like you. The best thing you can do is finding someone to save the cash on your behalf. Someone you dead trust and who will not give you problems in case you need you cash. If you have trust issues, banks have locked accounts in which you set a date in which you will take your cash and not anything earlier than that date hence you can put your money there so you can restrict yourself there.

Rule 8 :Have a minimum amount of cash you want to save like in a certain period of time.

I know I said you should not stress yourself in this saving thing but standards are somethings that are very important. Without standards institutions will never stand infact nothing will ever stand. Standards keeps us on check. That is why it is important to have a minimum you want to achieve in your saving; that way, reluctantance will not be there.

Rule 9 :Keep your saving a secret

Keep your. saving to yourself. That way you will be focused on your saving and you wouldn’t let anything come between you and the saving. This way also people will not know anything about your saving and thus they won’t ask for financial helin thus spoiling your saving spree. Anyway ask yourself what good will if do you if you go about telling people how much you have saved?

RULE 10 :’Spoil’ yourself!!

what good is of something you are doing that you do not see it benefits. That is why in your saving do once in a while take you cash and ‘congratulate’ yourself on the work you are doing.