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10 effective ways to avoid impulse spending

We have often found ourselves buying things that we did not plan to buy; chocolates, clothes, shoes and the list goes on and on. Everybody have found themselves in this situation and more than once. That is because nobody is immune to impulse buying. We are human beings and we often see things that please us and want to own them.

Impulse buying is buying something that we did not intend to buy.

Impulse buying even though normal, is dangerous when we make it a habit. It will eat into our budget and can also ruin our money saving plans. You can never have good financial habits when you can’t avoid impulse buying. The more you give in the more you will suffer so their is need you start avoiding this bad habit through the following ways;

1. Have a shopping list and stick to it

A shopping list is a plan for your purchases. It will show you what you are going to buy and nothing more. Every time you decide to go shopping make a list and make it a rule that if something is not on your list you don’t buy it. No matter what! You need to be strict.

2. Give yourself a few days

You go out one day and see something that you really want to buy and try it out. Maintain your cool, don’t give in to the urge and give yourself a few days to think about. Do your research on

what you were supposed to purchase. After the days you gave yourself are over and you still think you need to get whatever you saw after properly thinking about it, go get it. If after the days are over and you no longer feel the urge to own whatever you saw then probably you never needed it like you thought in the first place.

3. Avoid shopping areas

Shopping areas are where temptations may arise and you’ll find yourself buying something you did not need in the first place. Therefore you need to avoid these places at all costs to suppress any urge that may arise and visit them ONLY for necessities.

4. Take only the amount you need

Sometimes we may find ourselves buying something that was not on our shopping list but still feel comfortable because we have the extra cash. This comfort is what we need to do away with by taking with us the amount we are going to spend. At least this way we will not pick something we do not need because of fear that maybe the amount we have will not be enough to buy the important things in the first place.

5. Say no to group shopping

In most cases when we go shopping with friends, a friend will pick something from the shelf and then the feeling that you also need to pick the same thing may arise and you end up picking something just because a friend did. This is the disadvantage of shopping with friends ; you find yourself buying something because a friend did. First let me say this, you don’t know why your friend picked up whatever he or she picked so stop comparing yourself to him or her. Secondly, if you must go with a friend shopping take that one friend that will tell you; you don’t need this. Make sure they are not going shopping themselves so that the comparison problem may not arise. You also need to show them your shopping list beforehand so that they may remind you when you are buying something that was not on the list.

6. Don’t shop when you are emotional

Emotions are the main reason we are having impulse buying in the first place. You are going through some rough time, maybe you broke up with your girlfriend and you buy something ; say a beer, while convincing yourself that whatever you are buying will make you feel better. This is something you need to avoid because it will develop into a habit and you will do it everytime you find yourself in the same situation. Remember ;Don’t let emotions control your spending habits.

7. Avoid online shopping websites

Just like shopping areas these may increase your urge in needing something the moment you see them. The moment you visit these online shopping websites you may see something is on offer and you end up buying it just because the price and display is superb. The pictures you see online are meant to increase this urge so you buy. The only way to avoid this is avoid visiting these online shopping websites unless you truly need something.

8. Control your email lists

You are going through your emails and you find about ten messages from the shopping websites that you joined their email lists and they are all notifying you of this new product that you need to get at discounted prices. Because the item just wonderful you end up ordering it. This is impulse buying at it best. By the time you realise its effects you shall have used half of your savings. So you need to beware of the number of email lists you join.

9. Remember your goals

Before you buy something you did not intend to buy, remember your goals. Remember what you set out to do and think of the effects of whatever you are buying the moment you see it will do to this plan. You should learn to keep your goals in mind to prevent you from spending money on purchases you did not plan for.

10. Avoid using credit cards

Credit cards may prove to be a problem when you are trying to avoid impulse buying. This is because it gives the provision of buying even something that you don’t need. You can buy anything even what you did not plan for if you have a credit card. The main problem with this is that it will hook you deeper into impulse buying and normalize and make it a habit. It will also get you into more debt and hence shutter your financial plans. So avoid financing impulse buys with your credit card and avoid impulse buying.


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