Here is what you should do after you are fired

I am, after all, an adult, a grown man, a useful human being, even though I lost the career that made me all these things. I won’t make that mistake again.

Gillian Flynn

First, if you are reading this because you lost your job, I’m truly sorry. But now it is time to MOVE ON. Gillian Flynn came up with one of the best quotes that will be inspirational to those who lost their jobs but the inspiration comes at a price; a commitment, something one must do after he or she lost the job; To never make that mistake again. While it is up to you to figure out ‘that’ mistake that you will never make, my main concern is helping avoid mistakes now that you are facing a rough going, it is about helping you move on from where you are at the moment. Remember if you do not swim you drown. Below are four steps that will help you swim and I hope you will not drown if you follow them. Hopefully they will help you get on your feet;

1. Answer the question; How long will I last without my job?

The first step you need to take is ask yourself how long will you last without employment? For how long will your savings or emergency fund last you? The importance of doing this is to know the timeframe you need to give yourself in order to find another source of income. I’m sure you don’t have the answer to that question yet. So its time to do some calculations;

  1. List all the current expenses you currently have (everything that takes money from your pocket?)
  2. Calculate the total money you have; savings, emergency fund and even money you will receive in the course of that time if any.
  3. Compare your expenses with the total money you have to find the exact timeframe.

2. Find ways to cut costs

The next step you need to take after knowing exactly how long you will last without employment is trying to increase the timeframe because as we all know the process of finding another employment may not be a walk in the park. It is not an easy one and cannot be that immediate. So you need to give yourself more time to find another job. You need to increase the number of days which your savings or emergency fund will last you. How do you give yourself more time? It is simple you cut on costs. Eliminate from your expenses anything you do not need at the moment. Look for what you can get rid of from your expense list, what you can do without like subscriptions you do not need. Restrict spending your money on essentials like food, water, health, bills and housing. After doing away with everything that is not important at the moment redo your list and redo the math to find how many more days did you create for yourself.

3. Negotiate your bills

After cutting on costs which resulted to an additional time to your timeframe, you need to ask yourself if you can add another time to your already increased timeframe. Yes you can increase it further buy negotiating your bills. Take your phone and call your credit card company, explain your current situation and ask them how they can help you. The main reason of doing this is to see if you can skip payments or even pay at lower rates and most importantly to see if you can add more time to our timeframe. If you manage to negotiate your bills through, update your budget and find how much more time you have.

4. Look for ways to improve your income

The previous steps have mainly majored on how we can regulate our expenses. Now we need to shift our focus to money. Even if you are facing a rough time that will make it difficult to see money flowing into your pocket there are always ways to make more money while still looking for new employment opportunities. You can consider things like starting a blog, starting a YouTube channel and even teaching online if you have the skills. Just look for means to have money coming into your pocket while you are still looking for employment.

REMEMBER ; Follow these steps in the meantime, your full focus should be on getting another job!