Should you fully rely on education?

Now that I’m old enough I can ask such questions. Does school really offer much? Hey! we are all after money and that’s why we are in school. Actually the basic reason why we go to school is to get money once we are done with schooling. Money which will come through employment . If you think that’s not the reason you are in school then drop out you don’t know why you are in school. That said , now that we are in school because of money I will ask this question ;Does school offer enough so that we can get money?

When I was in primary school I worked so hard and that’s something for sure. I’m not some motivational speaker so don’t think I’ll say stuff like; I came from a poor background and did some extra ordinary things so as to make it in life. But primary school I worked really hard; from waking up at 4:30 am to sleeping past 12:00 am. Those I did knowing if I passed I would have made it in life and maybe in high school I would have to work less hard since I was going to ‘lay a firm foundation’ after I had passed my primary exams.

I passed my primary school final examination and was admitted to a good high school. By then I was sure I had made it in life. During orientation the principal of my high school gave a speech to us the new boys in the block and the opening sentence of his speech was ; ” I know you people worked really hard in your primary schools but all that was to get you to a good high school which is here! ”

This time however I was old enough and I did not need some calculator to do some math so that I could know my grades and in turn that work I had put in highschool was to get me to a top university and thus a good course.

I’m now doing this course electrical engineering and the school is teaching me some units I am sure I will never use in the field. The school is wasting my time for sure and I know it they know it too but they won’t change it. I don’t know why. Because they are wasting my time I have started thinking of something better I can do that can bring in some good cash. But I’ll still attend school because that’s what parents want and it also provides some chance in the future.

Bottom line is education does not offer much. You will realize the following ;

1)Primary eduacation’s main purpose is to get you to secondary

2)Secondary education main purpose is to take you to university

3)University education main purpose is for employment

4)Employment is something you search after graduation since education does not guarantee employment.

What I’m trying my to put across with all this is that if you are learning do learn but do not soley depend on education as if that is a guarantee to good life it is not. So do have back up plans for your education in case you become one of the unemployed people in the future. I would encourage you to at investment for salvation.