When is it okay to take the risk and invest?

Investment is risk taking and that is why most people fear investing because they can’t just get over the fear. The thought that in case something goes wrong and they lose their money say their life savings is unbearable. This situation then raises the question; When is it okay for someone to take a risk? […]


Here is what you should do after you are fired

I am, after all, an adult, a grown man, a useful human being, even though I lost the career that made me all these things. I won’t make that mistake again. Gillian Flynn First, if you are reading this because you lost your job, I’m truly sorry. But now it is time to MOVE ON. […]

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6 most important steps that will see you achieve your financial goals

Something magical happens when you write down your goals. It changes the way you see your situation. This is one of the best quotes I have ever seen even though I don’t know who came up with it yet. I once read that financial goals are financial priorities that are important to us. I am […]


6 steps to follow during financial planning process

Can a house be built without a plan? The answer is definitely NO. It is actually the plan that is first built before the house itself. The plan dictates how the house should look. Actually the plan is everything, it is the house.Without a plan no house would stand. If it was to be put […]

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Here are 5 reasons why you need to draw a financial plan

While most people don’t find it necessary or even important to have a financial plan; it is tragic not to have a one. A financial plan is one of the pillars on which your financial success depends on. In fact for one to achieve financial success one has to have a plan. A financial plan […]

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7 proven ways that will help you get rid of your debts fast

To get rid of debts fast you are going to need five things; Sacrifice Organization Hardwork Accountability Discipline If you are not ready to develop the above qualities if you don’t have them already then you are at the wrong place and you should forget about ever getting out of your debts situation fast because […]

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3 reasons why you should look forward to acquiring an asset

An asset is basically any item with economic value that can be converted into cash. Assets are just resources and they can act as a storage of your wealth, reduce your future expenses or act as a source of income. Assets may range from cars, land, stocks, savings to homes. The three MAIN reasons why […]

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Effective ways of dealing with budget deficits and budget surpluses

We say you have a budget deficit if your income is less than your expenses while we say you have a budget surplus if your income is more than your expenses. Now if you are not sure on whether you have a budget deficit or a budget surplus I’ll advice you to sit down and […]

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10 mistakes that you should NEVER make when paying off debts

Ask around and people will tell you paying off debts is a difficult and complicated process. Reaching an agreement to pay off debts is therefore a great step. Starting to pay is even a greater step. But have you ever stopped and wondered whether you are paying off your debts in the right way? There […]


7 effective ways to beat budgetting barriers

If you are faced with a mountain, you have several options.You can climb it and cross to the other side.You can go around it.You can dig under it.You can fly over it.You can blow it up.You can ignore it and pretend it’s not there.You can turn around and go back the way you came.Or you […]