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DEBT CONSOLIDATION: Meaning of debt consolidation, Advantages and disadvantages of debt consolidation, Types of debt consolidation and The different ways of consolidating your debts

What is debt consolidation? Say you have debts 1, 2 and 3 all with different repayment plans and with different interest rates, so to make sure you manage to pay your debts with ease while spending less on interests per month, you take a fourth loan and use it to clear all the other three […]

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7 proven ways that will help you get rid of your debts fast

To get rid of debts fast you are going to need five things; Sacrifice Organization Hardwork Accountability Discipline If you are not ready to develop the above qualities if you don’t have them already then you are at the wrong place and you should forget about ever getting out of your debts situation fast because […]

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Effective ways of dealing with budget deficits and budget surpluses

We say you have a budget deficit if your income is less than your expenses while we say you have a budget surplus if your income is more than your expenses. Now if you are not sure on whether you have a budget deficit or a budget surplus I’ll advice you to sit down and […]

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10 mistakes that you should NEVER make when paying off debts

Ask around and people will tell you paying off debts is a difficult and complicated process. Reaching an agreement to pay off debts is therefore a great step. Starting to pay is even a greater step. But have you ever stopped and wondered whether you are paying off your debts in the right way? There […]